Vedam: The only Green School in NCR

Your little bundle of joy has started taking baby steps, some broken words have made the house chirpy and your smartphone has quickly begun looking for the best play school in the vicinity. The requirement is simple—a place where the kid plays, learns, eats and yes, feels secure and at home.

We understand this and our love for kids is as eternal and natural as yours as we too are young parents like you. Ours is not just a Play School; it’s a Green School and your kid’s second home.

Nature is the teacher, sand is the black board, plants are the friends, and the entire campus is the playground in the WORLD OF VEDAM.


More about Vedam’s Green Philosophy

Vedam has been built in an environmentally responsible and resource efficient green campus. While this reflects the Vedam’s responsible approach towards environment and society as a whole, it also is a great idea to make kids sensitive about the environment from an early age.

Here is what Vedam does to save resources:

  • Uses energy efficient lighting systems and maximum daylight
  • Reuses salvaged material wherever possible
  • Uses material with recycled content
  • Uses local material as far as possible
  • Uses green-certified or salvaged wood

The Dawn of Vedam

Vedam took birth when Ankit and Priyanka, the proud parents of a 2-year old Anaya started their hunt for the play school. The criteria were simple; the place should be safe, kids friendly and ideal to lay the foundation of their child. Sadly, the simple requirements became tough to be met with not-so-kid friendly places all around.

That is when the IMT graduate couple decided to build a learning ground for the kids of the likeminded ones grappling with the similar issues.

Vedam’s Ideology

We don’t TEACH, we don’t PREACH; all we do is INVOLVE our little ones and the learning happens automatically.

Why should you choose Vedam?

For Vedam is a unique combination of 4 Perfect Es---Energy, Expertise, Environment and Empathy.

  • Energy of the young and dynamic founders
  • Expertise of the highly skilled, compassionate and efficient staff.
  • Environment that is Green and Clean.
  • Empathy towards kids that ensures positive learning and growth

Vedam is to cultivate a community of family, teachers and learners working together to provide an environment that fosters the physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social development of child through innovative, alternative and experiential learning techniques.

We commit to create learners with love for humanity and nature.

There is a famous Buddhist proverb that says "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". So we believe in approach which is Child Centric rather than being Teacher Driven.

We at Vedam strongly believe that learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment enriched with love, support and encouragement. We also feel that each child is unique in terms of his potential, strengths and even weakness. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to recognize this uniqueness of each child and nurture him in his own special way.

For us at Vedam, A physical space is not just an array of classrooms but a participant in enabling kids to learn. The layout of Vedam not only reflects her serenity, calmness but also its proximity to nature. This organic structure has emerged from a deep understanding of local materials (like mud, neem, bamboo and straw) which will help in neutralizing the extreme weather conditions of Delhi/NCR. A lot of informal spaces have been added for little learners to explore. Classrooms in Vedam have a distinct physical structure and their organisation has something unique which fosters “openness” in learning .Every class opens out to a courtyard with flowering trees and plants. Children learn to be one with nature as they share their environment with rabbits, hamsters and birds.


  • Child-friendly furniture
  • Kids height appropriate washrooms
  • A range of outdoor rides for kids to enjoy.
  • Fully supervised building with guards at entry and exit points, along with CCTV surveillance of the entire facility.
  • Well maintained green and clean garden area with a wide variety of sports options.
  • Air conditioned transport cabs driven by professional drivers and accompanied by trained female staff.
  • Splash Pool
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Projector Room
  • Sand Pit
  • Resource Centre/ Library


  • CCTV Monitoring with Video Recording
  • Earthquake Resistant Building
  • 24* 7 Guard
  • On call doctor available in case of Emergency
  • Two Exit gates
  • Fencing around the entire boundary