Day Care – “A home away from home”


Age Group – 6 months to 10 years

“If your little one is around 6 months & more. We have a special plan for you in store Have you considered a place safe & secure Which is an extension of your home for sure”

  • Home away from home, professional yet homely
  • Work without stress, while your child is taken care of
  • Long hours Day Care
  • Healthy and nutritious meals
  • Hourly Updates(including photos/videos of your child) on Whatsapp/ SMS or your preferred mode of communication
  • Customized timings, meals, Pick Up and Drop
  • A proper routine to engross the child in qualitative activities for the entire day.
  • Day Care operational round the year. We don’t go vacationing to ensure you work hurdle free

Infant Care

Infants (6 to 18 months old) need personalized care & attention. Keeping their needs in mind, Vedam maintain a high staff to child ratio of 1:2 (For every 2 infants, we have one adult at the Centre). This is so we can care for each baby based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional needs & learning curve. Special attention is paid to their bottle and Diaper needs.

At Vedam, We follow a gradual settling-in process, to familiarize an infant with his or her new environment. At the same time this allows him/her to get used to spending time away from parents.

Infants are exposed to exciting stimulation through a mix of structured & unstructured playtime, interaction time with toddlers, rhyme time, story-telling sessions, gross motor & fine motor skill activities.

Toddler Care

Special attention to Fussy eaters. Children are most inquisitive between the age of 1.5 & 6 years. This is when they are constantly exploring their environment, developing language & motor skills. Also, children learn the basics of social interaction & start developing a value system. Keeping this in mind, the TLC curriculum is based on certain core values & as we go through each topic, emphasis is laid on them to allow a child to develop his or her rules of engagement with the world.

The methodology is adapted to reach out to the toddlers in a fun, hands-on, explorative manner so that learning is an enjoyable & memorable process. Music & arts are an integral part of our curriculum across age groups.

Field trips are always looked forward to with great enthusiasm whether it is a bullock cart ride or a visit to a Nature park!

After School

  • Homework assistance/ study time for after school kids
  • School-age children want to feel all grown up, yet they still crave comfort & security for which high quality after school care is essential. For older children who go to a Big School, Vedam offers an After School program designed to provide the child with a fun & safe environment where he or she can continue to explore, learn & build close friendships.
  • Activities include homework/study time assistance, indoor & outdoor play, nutritious & tasty meals, Dance Classes by a trained Dancer.