The curriculum in Vedam aims at innovative and experiential learning. Each month a new theme is introduced. These child centric themes help in stimulating overall and sensory development of children. Messy Play with clay, free flowing easel paintings help children in giving forms to their thoughts. When children are sowing seeds, watering the plants, they not only become environmentally responsible but also develop love towards nature in its varied form of existence. We sow the seeds of healthy lifestyle by introducing our kids to Yoga/Meditation early in their lives.

We introduce our learners to world of fruits and vegetables by not some digital chart but by taking them to our in house kitchen for an interesting cooking session. Kids develop their own linguistic skills by listening and singing rhymes, playing with their peers in groups. We might not introduce math concepts in a mathematics class but subtly asking our learners to count ducks in the duck pool. We don’t limit our field trips to museum or some fancy mall; it could simply be a Dairy Farm or a Grocery Shop. Kids learn to combine imagination and reality with edu drama, storytelling, story building and puppetry.

We teach our learners about washing hands, wiping mouths, brushing teeth but at the same time don’t mind their occasional messy plays.

  • Custom Made Curriculum
  • Each child is treated uniquely
  • Thematic Lesson Plans: A theme followed every month
  • Mock interviews and preparation for formal schools
  • Focus on Social skills including etiquette and grooming
  • Special Sports Curriculum
  • Our Inspirations: Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori, Waldordf, Sri Aurbindo
  • We foster holistic development – physical, social-emotional, language, cognitive, creative, cultural
  • Our play-based program sparks children’s natural curiosity and instills the joy of learning through singing, dancing, art, story-telling, cultural celebrations, yoga/mindfulness, green studies, and excursions around our awe-inspiring campus.
  • We foster holistic development by focusing on 5 areas of Child Development