10 Fun Activities to Boost Creative Thinking in Preschoolers

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25th October 2023

10 Fun Activities to Boost Creative Thinking in Preschoolers

When a toddler join us in Vedam, he/she is still struggling to express themselves through oral linguistic skills as their language is still developing but one thing they love expressing themselves is through creative means. Try giving a toddler a pack of crayons, play dough, clay, paint brushes and he/she might leave you amazed by there beautiful creations. We at Vedam Preschool & Daycare , take utmost care to bring out the creativity in our little children. Screen Free environment of Vedam further ensures that kids are exposed to ample opportunities where they not only develop creativity but critical thinking and other necessary skills. We use following methods to boost creative thinking of the child:

1. Storytelling or story-building : You may enter our classroom and witness a scene of “Red Riding Hood”. We at Vedam encourage kids to listen, create and act out stories using props like toys, costumes, and everyday objects. Story doesn’t always have to be a standard story of what they have listened earlier. It could be a complete product of their imagination where fishes eat and dog flies.

2. Messy Play : Vedam kids love messy days where they get access to lots of access to sand, potter’s clay, play dough and splash of colours. Not only creative but its also a wonderful sensory experience for the child. They are honing their skills while making a mess 

3. Vedam Nature Scavenger Hunt : Kids explore the outdoors for a scavenger hunt. They find different natural items and then use these items to create a nature-inspired artwork.

4. Imaginary Role Play : Vedam kids are involved in lots of real life like situations. For e.g. Car wash, doctor’s office, Vegetable seller. These role play help in understanding the real life situations and also enhances the creative thinking of children.

5. Music & Movement : Music is a very important aspect of Vedam curriculum, kids are exposed to different types of music instruments and encouraged to move their bodies in creative ways. This not only boosts creativity but also enhances their motor skills.

6. Building with blocks & Lego : We provide various building blocks and challenge the kids to create structures, animals, or anything else they can imagine. This helps develop spatial skills of children.

7. Sensory Play: Vedam has installed large sensory walls and lots of corners where kids can explore by touching, feeling and seeing. This engages their senses and encourages creative exploration.

8. Color Mixing : We expose kids to concept of color mixing by letting kids experiment with primary colors. This not only teaches them about colors but also allows for creative expression.

9. Shadow Play : Use a light source and different objects to create shadows on a wall. Encourage kids to make up stories or characters based on the shadows they see.

10. Fireless Cooking : Educators at Vedam love to Involve pre-schoolers in simple cooking activities where they can mix and match ingredients to create dishes. This not only teaches them about food but also allows for creative exploration in the kitchen. Kids love creating simple recipes like jhal muri, vegetable sandwich.

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