Day Care – “A home away from home”

Age Group – 6 months to 10 years
“If your little one is around 6 months & more. We have a special plan for you in store Have you considered a place safe & secure Which is an extension of your home for sure”
Infant Care
Infants (6 to 18 months old) need personalized care & attention. Keeping their needs in mind, Vedam maintains a high staff to child ratio of 1:2 (For every 2 infants, we have one adult at the Centre). This is so we can care for each baby based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional needs & learning curve. Special attention is paid to their bottle and Diaper needs.
At Vedam, We follow a gradual settling-in process, to familiarize an infant with his or her new environment. At the same time, this allows him/her to get used to spending time away from parents.
Infants are exposed to exciting stimulation through a mix of structured & unstructured playtime, interaction time with toddlers, rhyme time, story-telling sessions, and gross motor & fine motor skill activities.
Toddler Care
Special attention to Fussy eaters
Children are most inquisitive between the age of 1.5 & 6 years. This is when they are constantly exploring their environment, developing language & motor skills. Also, children learn the basics of social interaction & start developing a value system. Keeping this in mind, the TLC curriculum is based on certain core values & as we go through each topic, emphasis is laid on them to allow a child to develop his or her rules of engagement with the world.
The methodology is adapted to reach out to the toddlers in a fun, hands-on, explorative manner so that learning is an enjoyable & memorable process. Music & arts are an integral part of our curriculum across age groups.
Field trips are always looked forward to with great enthusiasm whether it is a bullock cart ride or a visit to a nature park!
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Vedam Pre School and Daycare: The only Green Preschool in Greater Noida
Your little bundle of joy has started taking baby steps, some broken words have made the house chirpy and your smartphone has quickly begun looking for the best play school near you. The requirement is simple—a place where your kid can play, learn, eat and yes, feel secure and at home.

We understand this and our love for kids is as eternal and natural as yours as we too are young parents like you. Ours is not just a Play School; it’s a Green School and your kid’s second home. At WORLD OF VEDAM, nature is your teacher, sand is your blackboard, plants are your friends, and the entire campus is your playground.
Why should you choose Vedam?

Our Core Values

For Vedam is a unique combination of 5 Perfect Es---Experience, Energy, Expertise, Environment and Empathy.

Experience of a veteran from the education industry

Energy of our young, dynamic and dedicated founders

Expertise of highly skilled, compassionate & efficient staff

Environment that is Green, Clean and Friendly for children

Empathy to ensures positive learning and growth.

The Dawn of Vedam

Vedam took birth when Ankit and Priyanka, the proud parents of a 2-year-old Anaya started their hunt for a playschool. The criteria were simple; the place should be safe, kids friendly, and ideal to lay the foundation for their daughter. Sadly, the simple requirements became tough with sounds of not-so-kid-friendly activities like “Bollywood dance numbers” making their way out of the over colourful and claustrophobic play schools’ campuses. I had visited all the top preschools near me at that time but I was not satisfied with the approach taken.

That is when the IMT graduate couple decided to build a learning ground for the kids of like-minded parents grappling with similar issues.

Vedam has been created and built with a passion for refining education that centres on its founders. The curriculum in Vedam aims at innovative and experiential learning. We believe that every child is different and so is the learning requirement. So, while there is a standard curriculum for the ease of teaching, Vedam trains its faculties in a way that they empathise with each learner, understand the development areas and design a plan in adherence with the same.

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Memories are a big part of our child's experience. And that is why we capture every moment. Head to our gallery and explore what life at Vedam looks like!

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