Developing Social Skills in Pre-school Kids: Why Play Is Important?

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25th February 2023

Did you know that school-aged children need about three hours of outdoor play every day? Knowing why outside play is essential to your child’s development is the first step towards prioritizing their mental and physical growth.

Playing outside is a crucial part of childhood. It’s fascinating to observe kids in their natural habitat as they explore their surroundings. Without the distractions of TV or computers, they can sing, jump, skip, climb, and enjoy the innocent delights of childhood. They will discover a lot about themselves, other kids, and the world around them while they play and have fun.

Your child can acquire vital physical talents and skills through outdoor play, including vestibular sense and motor skills—most kids like playing outside, which is true most of the year. Children can freely run, jump, climb, explore, and create a lot of noise when they’re playing outside. We at Vedam understand how important outdoor play is which is why the curriculum of Vedam is planned in a manner where each child gets lots of time for ‘Unstructured’ and ‘make-believe’ playtime. There are many days when children choose their activities for the day.

Did you know peer interaction is a crucial component of a child’s development?

Yes, it encourages collaboration and teamwork, teaches children how to get along with others, and shows them that everyone has something worthwhile to offer.
Outdoor play offers a secure setting where kids can start learning how to handle anger and conflict. Children learn problem-solving skills through outdoor play by taking turns, sharing, cooperating, and negotiating solutions that are advantageous to all parties and avoid future issues.

Playing outside in all types of weather helps children learn about how their environment feels and how their body responds. Children also learn about different ways to play in various weather conditions.

A study suggests that playing is the most critical component of learning. Here are a few points that encourage outdoor play.

  1. Improved Interaction with Others
    Kids who spend more time outside typically feel less intimidated since they’re in an open area without competition; having enough room to breathe and move about can help kids feel more comfortable opening up and sharing their feelings with trustworthy adults.
  2. Increases self-awareness
    The ability to observe and reason is more likely to emerge in kids who play outside. Kids gain physical strength from swinging and other playground activities. Additionally, outdoor play enables children to view the world from various angles. As an adult pulls them on a swing, it teaches them about spatial awareness and introduces them to ideas like cause and effect.
  3. Improved Interactions Between Peers
    Children who often play outside tend to be more self-aware and sensitive to the sentiments of others. It’s interesting to note that research indicates that children who play outside often are less likely to grow up to be bullies.
  4. Create Resilience
    Many outdoor and leisure activities can educate kids to persevere through challenging circumstances, boosting self-assurance and internal drive. Kids can overcome their worries and stress as a result, promoting better academic and career success.
  5. Exposure to the sun
    Furthermore, Vitamin D is essential for the skin and can only be derived by playing outdoors as it is impossible to get an adequate amount from food and vitamins alone. Getting kids outdoors increases their exposure to the sun and their natural production of Vitamin D.

By promoting various forms of play, you can help your child make the most of outdoor playing. Children often need supervision to go on the proper developmental path, even if they still need time to play independently and create their games and hobbies. There are plenty of fun toys and educational activities that can be added to outdoor play to boost social development. 

We at Vedam understand this and that’s why ours is not just a Play School; it’s a Green School and your kid’s second home. At WORLD OF VEDAM, nature is your teacher, sand is your blackboard, plants are your friends, and the entire campus is your playground.

Classrooms in Vedam Preschool & Daycare have a distinct physical structure and their organization has something unique which fosters “openness” in learning. Every class opens out to a courtyard with flowering trees and plants so each child can explore the outside under professional care. 


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